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Trace Labs and Origin Trail goes for Polkadot Parachain

AMYP is excited to see our portfolio company “Trace Labs” announce the intent for their “OriginTrail” ecosystem to secure a “parachain” on the Polkdot blockchain protocol. Trace Labs is the main technology developer behind the Origin Trail ecosystem.

Trace Labs was one of AMYP’s first investments in the blockchain sector. We believe that Trace Labs’ blockchain “OriginTrail” have a clear user applications and industry utility. Origin Trail’s industry adoption is already advanced with several global clients and strategic partners. We see that Origin Trail have a proven “product-market” fit through global clients and economics.

In addition, Trace Labs is managed by an extraordinary team, well versed in crypto, blockchain and supply chain management, also supported by advisors like internet pioneer Bob Metcalfe.

If you want to learn more about the OriginTrail ecosystem you can download the OriginTrail Ecosystem White Paper here: https://parachain.origintrail.io/whitepaper

Trace Labs also launched a “parachain” website with information on auction incentives for those that are interested in participating in the auction return potential: https://parachain.origintrail.io


More about Origin Trail

OriginTrail is an open source “Decentralised Knowledge Graph” infrastructure developed by Trace Labs together with strategic partners companies like British Standards Institution, Oracle, and the Swiss Federal Railway to mention a few. Origin Trail let you organize, discover and verify any physical or digital assets from spare parts and inventories to art, diplomas, certificates, and NFTs.

Read more about Origin Trail here: https://origintrail.io/


More about Trace Labs

Trace Labs are the core developers of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph. Trace Labs have operations in the UK, Slovenia, Serbia, and Hong Kong. The company is connecting the “dots” in one Decentralized Knowledge Graph, generating value based on the law of network effects – also known as “Metcalfe’s Law”.

Read more about Trace Labs here: https://tracelabs.io/


More about AMYP

AMYP is a Zug, Switzerland, based investment company with a diversified global portfolio. AMYP consolidates the investment efforts of Anton Piëch with focus on supporting extraordinary founders developing new technologies and solutions that has the potential to be a game changer in their respective industries. Sector neutral by default, AMYP has a particular preference for technology companies in the “mobility- and automotive sectors” and “FinTech/Blockchain/Crypto” technologies.

Read more about AMYP here: https://amypproduction.wpengine.com/