OriginTrail wins Polkadot Auction

AMYP announces that our first blockchain investment TraceLabs and OriginTrail have successfully won the #17th slot for the Polkadot parachain.

The OriginTrail win secures interoperability between OriginTrail, Polkadot and the wider blockchain ecosystems. Blockchain interoperability creates tremendous utility for the operators on the blockchains. AMYP remain a strong believer in “decentralised knowledge graphs”, “network effects” and above all, improved traceability in supply chains.

AMYP is also an investor in Polkadot and and strong supporter of the Web3 movement. AMYP founder and chairman, Toni Piëch has a long standing interest in supporting strong founders and impact agendas.

Piëch and AMYP believe that distributed ledgers and cryptographic assets can provide support to for example journalists and activists in many territories where traditional routes of communication or transfer of value can be blocked by centralised powers. Blockchain can enable assets, information and value to be distributed freely and cost efficiently without central power censorship and intervention.

Piëch also believes that TraceLab founders are among the worlds absolute leaders in turning real-world items like cars, food, luxury items, house, art or others into Web3 native assets. TraceLabs and OriginTrail make both physical and digital assets discoverable, plus that all “claims” about such assets are fully verifiable and their ownership transferable.

For more about TraceLabs: https://tracelabs.io

For more about OriginTrail: https://origintrail.io

For more about AMYP: https://amypproduction.wpengine.com/