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Origin Trail and Trace Labs launches Polkadot parachain bid

YP is excited to inform that our portfolio company Trace Labs has launched the “OriginTrail’s” Polkadot parachain auction for slot #17. Potential investors may provide contributions to the OriginTrail Polkadot parachain crowd loan that offers a 20 OTP reward for every 1 DOT staked. One can read more about the auction launch and contributions here: https://parachain.origintrail.io/

OriginTrail is running a blockchain based on “knowledge graphs” – a general term for a database where things are grouped together based on the multiple connections they have. Facebook, Google and social media operators have spearheaded “knowledge graphs”, over relational databases, in combining a customer with what products they buy with for example other customers who buy the same thing. OriginTrail and their knowledge graph blockchain can connect abstract concepts with both physical and digital objects. This combination creates a much richer database with expressive qualities, one that is ideally developed for Web3.

One of the advisors to OriginTrail is Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of the Ethernet networking technology of computer networks. Metcalfe’s Law says that the value of the network increases as the square of the number of participants. Metcalfe holds that as more and more people, or objects join the database, they together create a force that leads even more people or objects to join. This is what Metcalfe calls “network effects,” the pull of connectedness.

At AMYP, we are backing efforts like OriginTrail so that these databases are not owned by anyone, causing monopolists, start-ups, and content creators to compete on a more level playing field.


Articles about OriginTrail

Along the lines of the above, here are two excellent articles on ethernet, network effects and OriginTrail:

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