AMYP supports keeping companies “carbon accountable”

Swedish software company has announced a US$ 31.5m Series B round led by Horizon Venture Capital, Blume and several other funds and family offices. AMYP participated in the Normative investment round as the company fits well with AMYP’s carbon reduction and sustainability investment strategy. Toni Piëch and AMYP has for years been supporting companies that can help battle “climate change” and keep all companies more accountable on sustainability.

Normative’s mission is to make known the sustainability impact of all economic activities on the planet. AMYP is impressed by the company’s science-based carbon accounting software and tailored advice from “net zero” experts, to help humanity achieve net zero emissions and reverse the trajectory of climate change. With offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and London, Normative is now capitalised to grow exponentially across Europe with more than 50,000 businesses needing to provide accurate carbon accounting.

Toni Piëch is founding shareholder of Piëch Automotive, an electric vehicle sports car company ( Toni Piëch said: I am extremely proud to be supporting extraordinary founders and companies with solutions for a more sustainable future.

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