AMYP invests further into decarbonization via Extantia

While AMYP and Toni Piëch have a global, sector and stage neutral investment strategy, we do try to focus on carbon net zero solutions and teams. We are happy to announce an investment in Extanita Capital and their “Flagship Fund”, a €150M venture fund dedicated to backing scalable deep decarbonization tech companies. The Extantia investment follows our investment earlier this year in, the carbon accounting platform based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Extantia announced that they are backed by investors such as “Anglo American, Toyota Ventures, and top-tier family offices such as the Piëch and Oldendorff families”. Extantia portfolio companies include H2Pro, INERATEC, GA Drilling, BeZero, and Reverion that AMYP/Piëch are indirectly supporting.
Extantia’s areas of primary interest are energy, industrial processes, buildings, transportation, and carbon removal technologies. Examples include sustainable fuels and petrochemicals, hydrogen supply chain, renewable baseload power, and direct air capture. Extantia also uses comprehensive methodology to verify that new technologies “do no harm” and avoid negative impacts on the environment and society. These methodologies directly overlap with AMYP and Toni Piëch’s vision for a more sustainable future.

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