AMYP supports mental health and trauma impact

AMYP and Toni Piëch is pleased to announce that we are renewing our financial and strategic support to the Yatra Centre in Thailand. The Yatra centre is a trauma care facility, offering evidence-based trauma therapy to clients with a range of mental health concerns.

Led by Mike Miller, a Canadian clinical and trauma professional with decades of experience in mental and behavioural health treatment, Yatra has developed both an in- and outpatient treatment programme based in Thailand, for an international clientele. AMYP recognises that many people around the world are suffering from mental health problems, and with Yatra and Mike Miller’s team, we feel that we can help many people with affordable and effective treatment.

AMYP is passionate about being kind, understanding and helpful to people that need help and support during times of difficulty. Mike Miller and Yatra focus on the “underlying traumas” that often cause various mental health issues. Whilst many treatment facilities are aware of this link and may refer to it in their literature, very few deliver focused trauma-informed care.

At Yatra, rather than simply integrating trauma into their programme, they provide clients with treatment which focuses solely on their trauma and therefore, the roots of their challenges. By making trauma the key focal point of Yatra’s care, they cut out unnecessary ‘filler’ material and go directly into the causes of poor mental health, rather than removing the symptoms.

AMYP has provided an undisclosed financial amount to help establish and continue to run the Yatra clinic.

For more information about the Yatra Centre and Clinic, visit this website: